The beach below Hotel Acquamarina

Hotel Acquamarina is surrounded by the famous white beaches along the northern coast of Portoferraio, well known for the transparency of their waters. The coastline is a succession of coves and beaches, with tall cliffs of the purest white.

There is a mix of coarse sand and fine and coarse shingle, into which the crystal-clear, transparent sea flows to make the snow-white pebbles shine even more brightly. The seabed has a thousand colour shades, mingling hues from deep blue to turquoise through to green. It is easy to understand why this area has been chosen by photographs and videomakers for advertisements and videoclips.

The nearest beach to our hotel is Padulella.

A short flight of steps leading from the entrance to our Hotel will lead you to a little path through the vegetation and olive trees, and after just 200 metres you will be on the gleaming white shingle, prelude to the limpid waters of the sea.

Sheltered and quiet, enclosed between two rocky promontories, Padulella is a location of rare beauty. It is inside a marine nature reserve, and small children will be able to have fun feeding the fish even right by the shore, while larger kids, wearing masks, will be able to explore little secret caves and encounter fish of all kinds. White is the dominant colour with a snow-white beach and water that is always clear, especially on days when the Sirocco wind is blowing from land to sea, keeping the sea flat calm and making the seabed visible right across the bay.

The beach is largely free access but includes a small beach club which also has a bar and restaurant, under the lively management of a young, dynamic staff. Hotel Acquamarina guests are welcome and benefit from discounted rates.

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