Padulella Beach

Padulella Beach is about a kilometre from the old centre of Portoferraio, along the northern coast road to Enfola.

There is no vehicle access: there are two paths to the beach, one in Viale Einaudi and one near the car park at Capo Bianco (parking fee payable).

Hotel Acquamarina, on Viale Einaudi, beneath the road right next to the Padulella beach, has a private path through the Mediterranean vegetation for its guests' use. Hotel guests thus have only a very few minutes' walk to the beach.

Sheltered and quiet, enclosed between two rocky promontories, Padulella Beach is a location of rare beauty. Just 170 metres long, it is a small, intimate beach. Consisting mainly of coarse sand mixed with shingle, both of the purest white, it offers visitors a fusion of colours, from deep blue to green, to the dazzling white of the pebbles.

Padulella beach lies inside the Scoglietto marine nature reserve, a real paradise for snorkelling enthusiasts; many different species of fish can be seen even only a few metres from the shore. Children can have fun watching the fish from the beach using just a small piece of bread. When the wind blows from the south (i.e. from the land), the calm, clear water becomes incredibly transparent, above the gleam of the snow-white pebbles.

The beach is free access with a sailor-style beach club which also has a bar and a restaurant, under the lively management of a young, dynamic staff. At the weekends, musical evenings are often organised on the beach, to allow visitors to savour Elban cuisine in a carefree, holiday setting.

Webcam Padulella Beach

Webcam Padulella

Watch a video of the Padulella beach, under and out of the water:

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