The Island of Elba: a short introduction

220 square km in area, the island of Elba is Italy's third largest island in size, with 7 municipalities, and is about a one-hour ferry trip from Piombino. Lying just 10 kilometres from the Tuscan coast, it is known as the pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea for its beauty, and is included in the Tuscan Archipelago Natural Park.

With a past of fishing, farming and mining, in the years since the Second World War Elba has been discovered as a wonderful holiday destination, thanks to its varied landscape and rich vegetation.

Its almost 149 kilometres of coastline is a succession of secret coves, hidden corners of fine sandy beaches and rocky inlets, towering cliffs and gentle slopes, just waiting to be discovered, all surrounded by lush vegetation. Elba is an alternation of hills and plains, up the summit of its highest mountain, Mount Capanne, over a thousand metres high, offering a wonderful view across the Tuscan Archipelago. Thanks to the thousand hues of the sea, combined with the colours of the Mediterranean maquis and the variegated landscape, Elba has many wonderful views. With more than 130 beaches of different shapes and sizes, small harbours and ancient villages clinging to the hillsides, its atmosphere is a blend of history, nature and relaxation.

But as well as its sun and sea, it also offers visitors the magic of history, with Napoleon Bonaparte's residences, the Volterraio castle soaring above the sea approaches to Portoferraio, the town walls built by its Medici rulers, and also the museum of archaeology and the mines, with a rich geology unrivalled on other islands. Not to mention flora, fauna and marine life that attract experts and academics from all over the world.

Sports lovers will find the Island of Elba an ideal place for long days spent cycling or hiking, surrounded at every bend and incline by wild nature with breath-taking views. Sailing, diving and kayaking enthusiasts will be able to fully appreciate its wildest side and discover hidden corners, with inlets and coves not accessible from the land. For a relaxing, wellness break, visitors can also choose the Spa, on the outskirts of Portoferraio, ideal for recharging both body and mind.

Elba's traditional cuisine, its olive oil and its unique wines offer our visitors unforgettable evenings in the many small local restaurants, set on narrow streets or terraces with views of splendid sunsets. Hotel Acquamarina is located near the centre of the Island of Elba, and so all points of interest, including museums, attractions or other beaches, are just a few minutes' drive away.

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