Video-encounters with marine creatures

Fish and nature of the Island of Elba

The following is a collection of videos on the marine environment of the beaches near to our Hotel and on the Island of Elba in general.

Swimming in a sea of fish:

The video was filmed at Sansone beach, but the same thing may happen on all the beaches, from Ghiaie, Cala dei Frati, Padulella, Capo Bianco… to Sansone. All you need is some stale bread .... Since the water is so clear, a fine show is guaranteed.

Sunfish at Scoglietto:

Encounters of this kind are possible in the waters near the Scoglietto island, Portoferraio, in the heart of the Portoferraio marine nature reserve.

Close encounter with a turtle in the waters near Sant'Andrea:

Swimming side by side with a turtle in the crystal-clear sea.

Turtle eggs hatching on Elba:

Turtles started breeding in our waters again two years ago, and after the event right in the middle of the beach at Marina di Campo in 2017, this time it was the turn of Straccoligno beach. This video was filmed on 18 August 2018, when little turtles emerged and made for the sea, surrounded by incredulous bathers...

Common Eagle Rays (Myliobatis aquila) on Elba:

The most exciting encounter of all; a school of dolphins from a RIB:

Black manta rays in the waters of Elba:

The inhabitants of the sea near Scoglietto island, Portoferraio:

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