Cala dei Frati beach

To the north of Portoferraio, between the Ghiaie and Padulella Beaches, there is an exquisite little secluded cove nestling between tall cliffs, called Cala dei Frati. It is a small, wild beach, with white shingle mixed with coarse sand, not much more than 100 metres long. Since it is directly below tall cliffs, it is secluded and it is also shaded in the early morning and the afternoon.

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There are no paths leading to it, but it can be accessed by sea, even with a small RIB or a pedal boat, to enjoy enviable peace and quiet even at the busiest times of the year. From Hotel Acquamarina it can be reached by hiring a pattina rowing boat or pedal boat from the Padulella beach below the hotel; it will take you only a few minutes to round the cliffs to the right to reach this secluded point, without too much effort.

It is a corner of paradise, with particularly clear water on days when the Sirocco wind is blowing. Otherwise, it can be reached on foot from the adjoining Ghiaie beach, but this means wading through waist-deep water. This is not easy and it can be dangerous due to the waves breaking on the rocks which separate the two beaches, but it is well worth it.

To reach the cove in this way from Hotel Acquamarina on foot, simply follow the road towards Portoferraio. About 500 metres from the Hotel, you will find the Ghiaie beach on your left. At the left-hand end of the beach you will find the rocks which separate the two beaches. You will have to wade through waist-deep water to reach Cala dei Frati. We advise you to choose a day when the wind is from the south. The view from Cala dei Frati is stunning.

It includes the beautiful Fortresses of Portoferraio and the Scoglietto island, and on to Mount Grosso on the eastern side of the Island. There are no amenities in the cove but they are available on the nearby Ghiaie beach.

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